Montreal Revolution Team

Montreal Revolution Team

Montreal Revolution Team is a brazilian jiu-jitsu academy affiliated with BJJ Revolution Team International founded by Carlson Gracie black belts Julio « Foca » Fernandez and Rodrigo Medeiros.

Our jiu-jitsu is focused mainly on technique and timing rather than strength and speed. Proper techniques, and being able to sense the moves of your partner play a significant factor in class. We train in a very friendly environment, where each student gets attention and detailed instruction. We learn to stay calm and focused, treating our partners with respect.

As a member of our team, you will become part of the greater Revolution team that is composed of over 66 academies around the world.

Not only do we produce top sport jiu-jitsu competitors, but also great MMA and no-gi fighters who represent the team in popular events such as ADCC, NAGA and TKO.

Montreal Revolution Team

5425 Casgrain
Montréal, Québec H2T

Aikido | Capoeira | Krav maga | MMA | Ninjutsu | jeet kune do | jiu jitsu bresilien | Judo | Karaté | Kick-Boxing | Kung-fu | Taekwando |Sambo

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